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Mastering Change: for a new era

14th May 2021

Just over a year ago, COVID-19 closed businesses around the world; workers packed up their desks, turned off the lights and went home, leaving offices empty. However, employees soon adjusted to the “new normal”, and the dormant offices left behind gathered dust, with many businesses considering their future: contemplating whether large scale office space was necessary in a post-pandemic world.

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Is your workspace ready for a post-Covid future?

4th March 2021

As the pandemic is slowly brought under control, how should you adapt your workplace to the ‘new normal’?

The end of the pandemic is gradually coming into focus, so it’s natural to start thinking about the future, not least in the workplace.


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The competitive advantage of maintaining connection and culture

18th February 2021

Last year was one like no other, and it brought about many changes in the workplace. One challenge faced by businesses was that of workplace culture and connection. It is now approaching a year since many workforces left the office to work from home, and with that came the immediate break-down of in-person connections amongst staff and workplace culture.

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Return to Work roundup

28th January 2021

It is approaching a year now since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, meaning many businesses have been operating on a remote basis since March 2020. Now, with a vaccine signalling a return to normality later this year, does this mean a return to the office for staff based at home?

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