MovePlan supports organisations through the challenges of change in the workplace

Today, every organisation is having to reimagine the way business is done. Culture, process, technology, structure: all affect how your teams do their jobs.

MovePlan can help you focus on the ‘people side’ of change to achieve organisational success with any kind of business transformation.

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MovePlan creates workplaces that get the best out of your people, your business and your resources

Successful businesses are built on successful workplaces. Environments that help to create the right culture and the right ways of working. Places that find the ideal balance between people, place and technology, and which meet the needs of your organisation not only today, but also tomorrow.

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MovePlan can help you achieve a smooth, hassle-free move on schedule and on budget

Workplace moves are often complex and stressful. Actions to implement; obligations to meet; risks to mitigate.

The needs of your business, your people, maybe even your landlord, need to be thoroughly understood and addressed, all while remaining relentlessly focused on your schedule – and your budget.

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Future workplace strategies

Return to the Workplace

As attention turns to easing restrictions, organisations need to ensure their strategies, systems and people are prepared for the transition back to normality.

Workplace Assessments

Knowing how your space is used is essential in understanding how to create a workplace that meets your needs.

Occupancy Planning

Gain a detailed understanding of the use of space in your organisation and the implications for space and financial planning.


Experience you can trust

Founded in London in 1986, we have over 30 years’ expertise in specialist change management and relocation services.

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Clients of all sizes, across all industry sectors, trust MovePlan to manage their moves and support them through change.

They include multinational corporations, pharmaceutical companies, international banks, financial and legal services providers, tech firms, professional partnerships, educational institutions and government departments.

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