IFMA Facility Fusion 2023: fusing leadership and facility management

18th May 2023

Back in early April, our US West team attended IFMA Facility Fusion. The event, located this year in San Francisco, was attended by facility management professionals from 46 US states, 20 countries and represents approximately 800 companies. With huge changes in the workplace, those working in facility management are facing an ever greater responsibility to help lead employees to higher levels of performance. IFMA, which supports more than 20,000 members in 135 countries, hosts the annual event to help prepare facility managers with the right tools and networks to adapt to rapid change.

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MovePlan APAC roundtable – The Workplace Beyond Hybrid

10th November 2022

Representatives from various industries took part in MovePlan’s APAC roundtable event titled The Workplace Beyond Hybrid.

The diverse group discussed how to prepare strategies for success beyond the current day, resulting in an insightful and productive session.

Topics included where we are today, what’s beyond hybrid and how to drive change.

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Reflections on return to the office

31st October 2022

Sustainability was the focus of a global summit attended by MovePlan in Chicago.

Since March 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, our understanding of the world, how we live in it, how we work in it, and how we do business, were all pulled apart. The CoreNet Global Summit offered a chance to discuss how we now put it back together.

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