Rightsizing your Culture

6th August 2020

As businesses adapt to a new normal, some may be looking to downsize when it comes to office space. Decisions on when to do this could be driven by a lease expiring, or the need to cut costs. However, various questions will need to be considered first, such as how much work needs to be carried out in an office; what is the safest option for employee health and safety; and what is the best solution for the organisation?

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Returning to work – lessons learned from Hong Kong

22nd June 2020

Many countries across the world are beginning to ease lockdown restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing staff to return to work.

In Hong Kong, MovePlan has already been supporting businesses to return to work. There, exposure and spread of the virus was identified and controlled early, which limited high rates of infection and death. This has allowed people to return to some sort of normality sooner than other places, such as the UK and the US, where the majority of people are still working from home.

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After the Return, What to Monitor, Measure and Communicate

8th June 2020

Putting Your Plan Into Action

Do you have a plan in place to return staff to work once government lockdown restrictions are lifted during the Covid-19 pandemic? Most will almost certainly answer yes to that question. However, even well thought out plans can go wrong. The next challenge will be putting any plans into action, and being prepared to change and adapt if they don’t work.

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