Is your workspace ready for a post-Covid future?

4th March 2021

As the pandemic is slowly brought under control, how should you adapt your workplace to the ‘new normal’?

The end of the pandemic is gradually coming into focus, so it’s natural to start thinking about the future, not least in the workplace.

Given the changes that have occurred in people’s expectations, perceptions and behaviours over the past 12 months, what the return to work looks like will vary between businesses. So how can you identify what might work for you, and what you need to consider to ensure you get it right?

At MovePlan, we are already working with organisations across the globe to ensure a successful return to work. Based on our long experience and practical expertise, we have identified three key steps for delivering a successful return-to-work strategy.

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Return to Work Roundup

28th January 2021

It is approaching a year now since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, meaning many businesses have been operating on a remote basis since March 2020. Now, with a vaccine signalling a return to normality later this year, does this mean a return to the office for staff based at home?

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Rightsizing your Culture

6th August 2020

As businesses adapt to a new normal, some may be looking to downsize when it comes to office space. Decisions on when to do this could be driven by a lease expiring, or the need to cut costs. However, various questions will need to be considered first, such as how much work needs to be carried out in an office; what is the safest option for employee health and safety; and what is the best solution for the organisation?

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