As we emerge from lockdown, we are being inundated with reports on what employees are thinking when it comes to a return to the workplace. Some suggest that employees are looking forward to a return to the workplace, with just under a quarter of people saying they are missing the social element of the office; the collaboration and creativity, the networks – and ultimately friendships – that are forged, while others look to choose a more hybrid way of working, and some hesitant to return at all.

With a renewed work-life balance and increased productivity, the positive outcomes of a flexible working life have altered the role of the future office. However, it is clear that: whatever role the office plays, not only is communication key, but the needs and wellbeing of employees must take centre stage in any decision being made.

Since 1986, MovePlan has helped organisations master change. From developing bespoke relocation plans and providing support in identifying and implementing new workplace solutions, to partnering with management to understand employee concerns around strategic changes, MovePlan is deeply experienced in working across businesses, regions, and sectors in supporting all elements of relocation and change management.

Now more than ever, mastering change is critical. Whether businesses will advocate a full return to the workplace, or a more permanent pivot to hybrid working, any decision must be made with all employees in mind – from those in the boardroom to those in the staffroom.

MovePlan is here to support the next generation of leaders in creating workplaces that are true to company culture and ethos, inspire employees and ignite a new era of growth and innovation. Change brings opportunity, and never has there been a better moment for businesses to embrace it.

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