Workplace Change

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Modern workplaces are changing like never before. Driven by changes in the nature of work and its role in business strategy, organisations of all sizes are reimagining and reconfiguring their workplaces to better suit their people, their processes and their culture.

From agile or activity-based work environments, to intelligent working, workplaces are evolving into places where people can work smarter and more effectively.

Managing change in the new workplace not only needs strong strategic skills, it also requires an unrelenting focus and understanding of employee experience and organisational culture.

What does it involve?

Our focus is on ensuring a seamless transition, while maintaining business continuity and productivity.

This could include:

  • Developing a robust change strategy and project plan based on detailed research
  • Bridging the gap between MAC, real estate, HR, leadership, employees, and project workstreams by focusing on rigorous and meticulous change management
  • Undertaking a workplace assessment, which could include workplace observation studies, to ensure all aspects of the proposed works are reflected in the change strategy and plan
  • Implementing a detailed stakeholder engagement strategy to keep people involved and informed, minimise old habits and maintain morale
  • Realigning your people, place and technology to reflect the new vision

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