Occupancy Planning

Understand how you occupy your workspace, how it’s changing and how to accommodate the changes

Occupancy planning is about understanding – in precise detail – the supply and demand of space in your business. Do you have too much or too little space for what you actually need? How cost-effectively is your space being used? And is it appropriate for your business objectives and culture?

Occupancy planning can be an ongoing business-as-usual exercise to validate your growth strategy and help ensure your real estate portfolio is fit for purpose. Or it can provide vital data to feed into a specific project or to inform budget planning.

Whatever your situation, you’ll gain a detailed understanding of the use of space in your organisation by both your own people and any external service providers, direct insights into head count forecasts and the implications for space and financial planning.

What does it involve?

Our goal is to give you a better understanding of your use of space, and how this fits with your financial and cultural objectives.

This could include:

  • Conducting detailed occupancy needs analysis for each business unit via interviews, discussions and surveys
  • Undertaking space utilisation studies to understand how the space is being used and check optimal use
  • An audit of your staff head count and assets
  • Using occupancy data – existing or new – to assess the feasibility of your workplace strategy
  • Collating and reporting on all available data to provide a consolidated occupancy report for planning

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