Business-As-Usual Moves, Adds & Changes

Maintain an effective and efficient ‘churn’ programme

Bringing in external support for a specific corporate move or change programme is one thing. But what about those smaller changes that take place during the year as a normal part of your business operations?

These business-as-usual (BAU) changes, also called ‘churn’ or ‘moves, adds and changes’ (MAC), could include small internal moves involving teams or individuals, on-boarding and managing arrangements for new hires, or reconfiguring existing spaces to better suit immediate needs, including technology, signage and furniture requirements.

Our highly experienced specialists can work closely with you to manage these too, by embedding a team on site to respond to your changing needs and pro-actively plan for future changes in business operations, service delivery and technology.

With a focus on communication, process improvement and cost efficiency, we understand how to integrate seamlessly with your existing operations and processes, while accommodating the needs of your existing facilities team and business units.

What does it involve?

By providing a consistent resource with knowledgeable staff, we can help to develop best-practice BAU/MAC workflows and processes, working with your in-house teams to implement an effective churn programme, both in terms of time and cost.

This may include:

  • Planning and managing all internal moves
  • Budgeting, forecasting and reporting
  • Management of furniture, vendors, and suppliers, both internal and external
  • Space planning, including proposed floor plan options
  • Space-demand forecasting through strategic planning and stringent control of change requests
  • Stakeholder communications and engagement
  • Reviewing impact of minor works and managing programmes as required

Work with MovePlan

Our tried-and-tested methodology and agile infrastructure enable us to provide flexible, global support for projects of all sizes, thanks to our 100-strong team across 16 hubs and six continents.

Please get in touch to discuss your Business-as-usual moves, adds & changes needs with our team.

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