Terence’s role as Workplace Project Director has a broad range of responsibilities; from leading the local team in Hong Kong, training, coaching, hiring and onboarding, to meeting with clients, and delivering both move and change management projects that encompass all the core services MovePlan offers.

“We may be a small team over here, but this is actually very beneficial. Hong Kong is a small city, so it’s very compact which means we can regularly meet in person, both in a professional and social capacity. This means that we know each other very well and there’s a real synergy between us. We know how each other works, which means we can anticipate what each needs, which makes us a very strong team.”

Those working in Hong Kong have a variety of working options, including at home and on site with a client.

“I get to see my team frequently, which allows us all to see what we’re working on, how everyone approaches client challenges and we can learn from each other.”

There’s a clearly defined career path, which means we are able to progress at the pace we want.

When asked why Terence enjoys the type of work he is involved with, he says:

“When we deliver the project for the client, no matter how challenging or long it is, there’s a completion date. It’s one of the main reasons I love this job, because we always have a sense of job satisfaction.”

Terence has this advice for anyone considering applying for, or accepting a role, at MovePlan:

“We look for people who are outgoing, willing to express how they feel, and good at communicating and love talking to people at all levels. Personality fit is so important too to ensure there’s a complementary, positive mix of people. Ultimately we want you to be happy here.”