Workplace Solutions

Providing strategies, tools and programmes to create high-performing workplaces

Creating workplaces that enable each employee to perform at their best is about finding the perfect balance between people, place and technology.

The challenge is to create spaces where communication, motivation and engagement can flourish; where people have the space and facilities to work, think and collaborate, with technology and tools that enable them to excel.

Your strategy could be driven by growth, by rationalisation, or by financial considerations, but it starts from the same place: understanding the needs of your people, the possibilities of your workspace and the reality of your resources.

Our approach

Our specialist team can work with you to build a workplace solution that meets the needs of your organisation not only for today, but also for the future.

We’ll help you develop a strategy that includes all aspects, from technology to storage best practices, using a combination of expert insights, strategic thinking and practical solutions to create a space that works for you.

What it involves

  • Understanding and defining what you want to achieve and why
  • Engaging stakeholders using tools such as vision sessions and focus groups
  • Identifying the gaps from the current way of working to the new one
  • Optimising your organisation’s use of space
  • Designing an engagement strategy that drives engagement at all levels
  • Ensuring tools and technology are fit for purpose
  • Exploring solutions for document storage and filing

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Our tried-and-tested methodology and agile infrastructure enable us to provide flexible, global support for projects of all sizes, thanks to our 100-strong team across 16 hubs and six continents.

Please get in touch to discuss your workplace solutions needs with our team.

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MovePlan’s services work together as a network, providing a tailored, evolving solution for our clients.

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