Organisational Change

Focusing on people to achieve organisational success with any kind of change

In today’s organisations, change is constant.

Whether it is about processes, technology, the structure of the organisation, or reconfiguring your workplace, each change can impact how individual employees do their jobs.

Success will depend on how well individuals embrace and adopt the new way of working. Getting it right relies on effective, rigorous and meticulous change management.

We will partner with you to understand the vision for the change. Then we will use a three-phase process for managing the change – Prepare, Manage and Reinforce.

This includes identifying the groups and people who will be impacted by the project, and in what ways they will need to change.

What does it involve?

Our expert team will create a customised plan for ensuring affected employees receive the awareness, leadership, coaching, and training they need to change successfully.

This could include:

  • Applying a change management process and tools to create a strategy to support adoption of the required change
  • Creating deliverables for an engagement plan, sponsor roadmap, coaching plan, training plan, resistance management plan
  • Conducting impact analyses, assessing change readiness and identifying key stakeholders
  • Integrating change management activities into the project plan
  • Supporting and engaging senior leaders, coaching managers and supervisors

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Our tried-and-tested methodology and agile infrastructure enable us to provide flexible, global support for projects of all sizes, thanks to our 100-strong team across 16 hubs and six continents.

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