Diana has over 20 years’ experience in residential and commercial move management and commercial construction. As a project manager, she was involved in commercial build-outs, coordinating construction, the moving of people and the provision of all office essentials.

“Move management is my love. It touches every person in a business and that’s the real opportunity – you know you cannot stop short until you have delivered the entire project to a high standard, and this goes beyond the move. I get so much joy from going into the client’s new office once they’re settling in, and seeing people interact with the new space and enjoying it.”

Diana was contracting and looking for a full-time role when she saw a message from MovePlan on LinkedIn.

“I read the description and felt that this was my job! It felt perfect for me as it described what I loved to do. After learning more about MovePlan, I became even more excited, especially the fact it was started by a woman. I was thrilled to be offered the position.”

Diana’s role brings together both aspects of MovePlan’s offerings: change and move management which go very much hand in hand.

“I really focus on how the workplace will affect the people moving into it, because it affects everyone. We spend so much time at work, and it permeates all aspects of our lives, so it’s important to me that we get the new workplace right.”

When there is a physical move project underway and you’re on site with the client, it becomes even more complex. I thrive on the variety, and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Diana is used to complex, fast projects, and her day-to-day is no exception, with a typical day being completely varied.

It can include writing communications plans for a client going through change management programmes, checking project timelines, moving sheets and activity schedules, to following up with vendors, and budgeting.

When it comes to the actual move of a project, Diana comes alive: “I get an adrenaline rush when the move comes. It combines everything I love – working with people, solving issues, being flexible and adaptable. And when you get to completion day, it’s a great feeling. There is huge job satisfaction in this role.”

What is it that makes Diana happy to be working for MovePlan?

“The structure of the company, the processes we follow, the onboarding and training, the culture. Everything has been so well thought through. The business has high expectations, but it’s complemented by really supportive management and teams. They trust us to make the right decisions. I have found only lovely people at the company and it makes me very happy to be here.”