At MovePlan, we understand the huge importance of communication, it is built into everything we do, and ensures that staff feel valued, listened to and involved with any changes that are implemented in the workplace. So, whilst our team has been busy supporting clients to communicate with their own staff, now it’s time for us to communicate with you, and share what we’ve been up to.

Here are some of the interesting statistics of what we do and who we work with at MovePlan:

Global clients

At MovePlan we operate on a global level, supporting businesses across the world. We have worked with clients from more than 40 different countries including Malaysia, India, Singapore, India, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Malaysia, New Zealand and Norway.

The projects we have helped deliver have impacted more than 500,000 members of staff, enabling them to feel supported throughout any changes in their workplace.

Tara de Montfort, Global Support Director at MovePlan, plays a key role in assisting our overseas projects, and explained how these are assigned to one of our 16 hubs, with delivery then carried out either on site or by flying to the location.

She said: “We operate on a global scale with main offices in London, Dublin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Toronto, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. Our staff hubs and flexible infrastructure enable us to support clients in places all over the world with ease and consistency.”


We’re lucky here at MovePlan to be involved in some really interesting projects. Our team has helped support the relocation of 200,000 rare books and 26 million museum specimens. We have donated items worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and redeployed items valued at £201k. We also do our bit to help the environment, ensuring that 81 per cent of the 145 tons of waste we have disposed of is recycled.

Tara said a particularly interesting project this year was at a national research and innovation centre, which included reducing the contents of the freezers. She explained: “You were only allowed in there if you were all suited up, but we adopt the same process we would do with any project. We work out targets, it’s just where we are doing it is slightly different.”


A key underlying activity for all MovePlan staff is to champion corporate sustainability policies. Examples include setting up recycling centres on all floors of offices as standard; minimising the number of move phases; and reducing printing by issuing communications in electronic format.

We work with clients to review unwanted items, with many being donated to charities or recycled. This has included 1,800 desks and chairs and 3,500 storage units and seating from Royal Bank of Canada donated to charity; £40k raised from the resale of furniture for Man Group, the funds from which were donated to the Man Charitable Trust; and a project for GlaxoSmithKline resulted in items donated valued at £593k.


We’re proud to work with some big-name companies, supporting them with projects such as workplace assessments, laboratory moves, and filing reduction. Our clients include Bloomberg, GlaxoSmithKline, Microsoft, HSBC and Royal College London. Among businesses we have worked with include six of the top 10 financial services companies; four of the Forbes top 10 insurance companies in the world; five of the top 20 educational institutions in the world; four of the eight Ivy League Schools; four of the top 10 UK universities and four of the top 10 energy services companies.

We also have some exciting projects in the pipeline for next year, including one in Ireland which will involve relocating a public sector department into a former army barracks. Tara said: “It’s the first Irish public sector department working on change management, it’s a very new thing. We were very excited to win it; it was one of those moments where you jump up and down in celebration!”

As we look ahead to the new decade, we’re excited about our projects coming up and supporting our current and future clients. A new year is a great time to reflect on the past and also look ahead to future plans, and that might mean change is necessary.