One of Philadelphia’s leading research universities was embarking on a refurbishment of one of its campus buildings.

With the focus on continuing to improve learning and innovation for wet bench research, the project was raising the bar for higher education R&D in the area.


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The project was already underway when MovePlan was brought in to support the initial phase of several enabling moves. The programme required the lab to be moved to a new building located a block away, which added to the project’s operational complexity. In addition, MovePlan was required to clear out existing lab space in another pre-renovated building and reduce its footprint. In total, the move would impact 30 people and require 300 items to be moved, including microscopes, centrifuges, ultra low temperature freezers, and CO2 incubators.

Jennifer Ritinski was the Senior Workplace Project Manager for the move:

“Lab moves are always complex, no matter how large or small they are. Aside from the complexity and delicate nature of moving lab items, communication challenges often arise. One of the very first things we had to do was manage expectations regarding the design and layout of the space. This required a focused effort in bringing together the professors, educating them on how the new lab would work and supporting them in their own planning.”

While the project was underway, the need for more of MovePlan’s time and expertise changed. “Initially hired for pure move management, it was clear very quickly that our expertise in lab readiness was required. This addition became crucial. Luckily our team has the deep experience of laboratory moves which meant we could pivot very quickly and make the changes needed to keep the project on track.”

Kimberly Giles

Senior Workplace Project Director

To achieve the move on time, MovePlan brought people together to collaborate on timelines to ensure the lab equipment could be installed in time, and added extra checks to ensure that on walkthroughs, nothing was left unnoticed or unchecked. It was a very complex lab project, with a very short lead time, with the project having to be completed in time for students to return to finish their studies ahead of graduation. The deadline for completion dictated the project and was non-negotiable. “This made the project extremely challenging. We had to complete by the term start date, otherwise we risked students not being able to complete their studies and graduate.”

The team’s experience and dedication to the project ensured the move was completed on time, despite the challenges and complexities that arose. “Because of an effective organisation, coordination and collaboration approach by the team, the university students were able to continue their studies after the festive break and complete their degrees.”

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An effective organisation, coordination and collaboration approach by our team saw the [project complete on time].

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