The Future is Hybrid

The Future is Hybrid

22nd November 2021

“So, how are you finding going into the office again?”

The question on everyone’s lips, amongst employees and business leaders alike. The answer, on the other hand, is harder to agree on.

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Why wellbeing needs to be at the top of business agenda

5th November 2021

Pre-pandemic, wellbeing was something that could easily be pushed to the bottom of the agenda.

Now, as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are realising that the health and wellbeing of their workforce is vital. It is, perhaps, one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic, as leaders recognise the need to discuss and tackle any wellbeing related issues.

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Why intentional leadership is crucial for dispersed teams

26th October 2021

Today’s business leaders face one of the biggest challenges of their generation as we prepare to enter a new era for the workplace. If last year was all about firefighting as leaders navigated their way through the ever-changing challenges of the pandemic, now they face the even tougher task of creating a ‘new normal’.

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The future of the workplace – are we there yet?

19th October 2021

The last 18 months of working were defined for us. There was simply no alternative but to work from home and remain connected with colleagues through a screen. No more! Choice, change and collaboration are back on the table and the next chapter of working is looking brighter for us all.

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Why decluttering is essential to workplace wellbeing and employee retention

1st October 2021

Decluttering our homes and making them joyful havens for us to relax in is something which has become important over the last year as we spend more time in them.

Experts such as Marie Kondo have been propelled into the spotlight as many people transform their homes. Now, as businesses begin to re-open offices after 18 months of closure during the pandemic, what do leaders need to consider, and how can they entice people away from their homes? Office space is arguably equally as important as our home when it comes to making it an attractive place to be.

At a time when jobs are abundant and the best talent is at risk of disappearing abroad, an employee led world means business leaders will need to take the task of decluttering and transforming office spaces seriously, if they want to attract employees back to the workplace.

Here, we look at the importance of decluttering and how businesses can create spaces where their workforce wants to be.

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