Using data to turn your workplace into a space that matters

10th April 2024

With hybrid or fully remote work models now the norm, employees often question why they should return to the workplace.

MovePlan’s Stephen Fountain, a Senior Workplace Project Director, believes this is creating a problem for employers who are forced to define their workplace’s purpose. This new dilemma is fast moving to the top of the organisation’s agenda – and this is where data can help.

Stephen spoke to James Preston, the founder and CEO of Intuitive Workspaces, a company which customises workplaces using detailed data about workspace usage.

Here they discuss how data can be used to define the purpose of the workplace.

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ESB: a move and change project buzzing with sustainability

24th October 2023

ESB is a leading energy company in Ireland, investing more than €1billion a year to create a low carbon future.

ESB Group (Electricity Supply Board) has been Ireland’s foremost energy company since 1927. The Group’s property function manages its nationwide property portfolio, with approximately 100 properties, including office buildings, depots and yards.

Driven to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040, ESB is committed to providing clean, affordable and reliable energy and this target drives its business initiatives.

For over five years, MovePlan provided a variety of workplace consultancy services to support the company’s headquarters in Dublin. Initially brought in to undertake workplace surveys and file and storage consultancy, support broadened to include move management, communications and change management support, and business readiness.

Sustainability at the heart of building design

The most recent project saw MovePlan support ESB in its move into redeveloped sustainable headquarters in Lower Fitzwilliam Street in Dublin. The refurbished building placed environmental initiatives at its core.

The premises’ sustainability features include biophilic design, incorporating nature into the design process, which has been proven to enhance people’s wellbeing, creativity and productivity. The design has also ensured that the space is fresh, open and flexible for future needs.

With the site being a “near zero building” specific examples of the environment being at the forefront of workplace design include the building being fully electric, with hybrid air conditioning, low water sanitary fittings, rainwater collection and well water collection, and solar PV. Finally, the roof has been turned into a sustainable habitat, complete with ESB’s very own bees supplying its canteen with homemade honey.

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MovePlan and ESB Group: how to effectively transition to a newly transformed space

24th October 2023

MovePlan EMEA recently hosted a roundtable with Sinéad Conlon, Programme Manager at ESB Group, Ireland’s foremost energy company.

MovePlan recently completed a major project with the company, supporting Sinéad and her team to deliver the business readiness activity and move to ESB’s new headquarters at 27 Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2.

The project saw the transition of around 1,500 ESB staff from nine buildings in three locations across Dublin, into ESB’s new sustainable and energy efficient Grade A head office building in Dublin’s Georgian core. To read more about the project, head to the case study here.

The roundtable discussion provided insight and created further discussion into the project.

Attended by a mixture of Estates and Facilities professionals across a mixture of public and private sector organisations of key interest to the group was the investment in employee engagement and leadership buy-in, alongside a focus on effective space utilisation.

Read on to find out more.

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