The new region introduced Molly to the biotech and biopharma industries, due to their prevalence in the San Francisco area. “I was lucky to get exposure to these areas early on, so now one of my areas of expertise is laboratory relocations and services. It’s a complex industry to move and manage and requires a huge level of detail and organisation due to the sheer volume of items in a lab. Fortunately, I worked with great people who taught me what I needed to know.”

Her clients now extend to the financial, tech and professional services industries. “Lately, I have found I’m personally referred by past clients to certain jobs. There are so many firms out here requiring our services and building up the MovePlan business out here has been hugely exciting.”

MovePlan [is] focused on its people…and is growing into a really well-formed company.

Molly has seen MovePlan grow strongly over the past few years. “This is evident given the volume of people we have hired, especially in the last few years. MovePlan has been focused on its people, implementing new training courses, the Knight mentoring programme, updating and implementing their benefits package to ensure it stays competitive, hiring key support functions and growing into a really well-formed company.”

In terms of the services MovePlan offers, change management is increasingly becoming a large proportion of the company’s work in the last two years and it’s not surprising to Molly that this is the case. “There’s an authenticity to us providing this service. MovePlan has been operating this modern model of working for many years, long before the pandemic forced companies to consider hybrid working models.”

We are innately agile and successful at working flexibly. As such, we have the reputation to hold weight in this competitive space.

In fact, Molly explains how MovePlan has always been a remote and flexible workforce. “This means we are innately agile and successful at working flexibly and therefore strong at consulting in this area. As such, we have the reputation, as well as customer examples, to hold weight in this competitive space.”

MovePlan also encourages its employees to be entrepreneurial, and this was keenly demonstrated when Molly put forward an idea to support clients during the pandemic. “I tried to think of different ways to diversify our service offering and put forward an idea that would help our clients develop and execute a plan to support its staff coming back to work. Our Return to Office service was developed off the back of this and became popular with some existing clients and requested by new ones.”

When asked to sum up some of the main reasons Molly enjoys her role at MovePlan, she has this to say: “It is a place to be creative, bring ideas to the table and see them developed.”

It is a fabulous company and a great place to work.

She goes on to say that “our leaders encourage us to think outside the box with the way we work and the services we offer, which means we feel very much a part of the business. I have also appreciated the growth opportunities that have been presented to me as it has made me feel highly valued. It is a fabulous company and a great place to work.”