“During my time at the church, I found my role expanding to bring different people together to create a cohesive event, project or service. Inadvertently, this led me into a project management role as I began to overhaul many of our spaces within the church. I didn’t realise I was doing a PM role, nor that it was a path I could take, but people around me made me aware of this and I ended up taking a certification, with the Project Management Institute, which I achieved in October 2021.”

Hannah realised she loved the complexity of project management; investing time into a complex project, figuring out the puzzle, having the opportunity to work across different projects and working with a variety of people – as well as learning to set expectations, corral opinions and troubleshoot, all to implement the best solution for a project.

MovePlan does a good job helping people understand their role, and there’s a lot of structure and collaboration that has enabled me to have a platform from which to develop.

“It’s definitely an interesting career shift but one I am excited about. I knew it could potentially be a difficult pivot to navigate, but I’m pleased I’ve found this career path and joined MovePlan. It’s a role I feel I can really jump in and be involved with right away.

“The company does a good job helping people understand their role, and there’s a lot of structure and collaboration that has enabled me to have a platform from which to develop.”

Hannah’s role is varied, which allows her to understand the complexity of move and change management projects.

“Every project is operationally very different, which gives me first hand training and experience in how to undertake different projects and consider all elements that go into a project. The company-developed toolkit is very helpful in kick-starting a project as it provides guidance in tried and tested ways. At the same time, we have the freedom to iterate and innovate the processes. That’s another positive aspect of working for MovePlan, the entrepreneurialism it encourages in our every day work.”

Another aspect to the role is understanding how teams function together. Hannah studied sociology at college and the theory behind how people interact and work towards a common goal, how communication takes place and how the changes affect them.

“At the heart of all we do is people. Therefore as Project Managers, we have a responsibility to actively engage with everyone involved with a project and ensure they are bought into the journey, from the vendors, to the contractors, to the employees. The way we communicate all changes will have an impact on how successful the project will be and understanding the psychology around people’s behaviours plays a huge role.”

For anyone considering working for MovePlan, Hannah would advise: “I would encourage you to ask questions and feel free to reach out to people. MovePlan is an active global community, with access to a wealth of knowledge across regions. Everybody is open to helping you out and you won’t ever feel like you are alone. If you want autonomy but also want to have strong collaboration, you can have both, so you don’t have to solve problems by yourself. Whatever project you are working on, you can expect to feel supported. Everyone wants to see you and your project succeed.”