MovePlan and ESB Group: how to effectively transition to a newly transformed space

24th October 2023

MovePlan EMEA recently hosted a roundtable with Sinéad Conlon, Programme Manager at ESB Group, Ireland’s foremost energy company.

MovePlan recently completed a major project with the company, supporting Sinéad and her team to deliver the business readiness activity and move to ESB’s new headquarters at 27 Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2.

The project saw the transition of around 1,500 ESB staff from nine buildings in three locations across Dublin, into ESB’s new sustainable and energy efficient Grade A head office building in Dublin’s Georgian core. To read more about the project, head to the case study here.

The roundtable discussion provided insight and created further discussion into the project.

Attended by a mixture of Estates and Facilities professionals across a mixture of public and private sector organisations of key interest to the group was the investment in employee engagement and leadership buy-in, alongside a focus on effective space utilisation.

Read on to find out more.

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2023: How much change will we see?

11th January 2023

It has been three years since the start of the pandemic and in the intervening time, we have all experienced a structural shift in our behaviours and attitudes towards working practices.

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Making yourself visible in a hybrid workplace

13th July 2022

While no official global data currently exists around the number of people who joined companies or started new roles during the pandemic, it’s safe to say that many people did. Trying to navigate a nascent or growing career is all the more hard when conducted virtually.

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The Workplace Experiment – US East

24th June 2022

Attendees at a MovePlan roundtable event shared their experiences of returning to the office post-Covid. Titled The Workplace Experiment, we welcomed Steve from the financial industry, who has had a long partnership with MovePlan as one of our clients.

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