Leadership in the workplace
As a Platinum sponsor, as well as a facilitator in the Workplace Evolutionaries series of events at the conference, MovePlan had a presence at the event. Vanessa Manipon, one of our Regional Directors, moderated a Learning Lab workshop: Becoming the Chief Workplace Officer – Leadership & Strategy.

The Learning Lab provided attendees with the tools needed to take a greater leadership position in workplace management. The Lab saw groups of ten working with a case study to prompt discussion on the essential strategy, knowledge and actions needed for success, and role played how a Chief Workplace Officer would design workplace initiatives that would answer the challenge in the case study.

Key learnings
The workshops highlighted a number of areas of topical discussion: from a lack of decision making from leaders, to establishing policy and structures to support hybrid work, and defining expectations across the organisations for sustained and effective direction. It was also clear throughout these discussions that there were a number of challenges that facilities managers face when designing workplace strategies. What was also clear was the need to focus on engagement – how to do it successfully and who to engage with.

Furthermore, sustainability and DEI were raised during the discussions. Vanessa Manipon: “These areas are becoming ever more integral to the conversations relevant to FM professionals. There is clearly a conscious approach to the workplace in response to the current focus and priorities of corporates, and employees, everywhere. Sustainability, and diversity, inclusivity and equity should be layered into all workplace strategies.”

Sustainability, and diversity, inclusivity and equity should be layered into all workplace strategies

— Vanessa Manipon

Adaption and creation of value in the workplace
Vanessa and her team felt that the event was a success and much was gained by both attendees and those moderating or hosting Lab events. IFMA’s aim for Facility Fusion is to help facility management professionals develop skills that will enhance their ability to adapt and create value. “It is clear that FM professionals are hungry to solve problems within their organisations, particularly ones that impact their role in supporting the workplace. We saw ample discussion on what was challenging in organisations alongside solutions that would see strategies developed that would benefit all those within their workplaces.”

Facility Fusion took place between 11th and 13th April, in San Francisco. For more information about future events, visit the website here.