To understand the challenges facing our clients in 2021, we partnered with international headhunting consultancy, Hanson Search, to poll over 1,000 employees and business leaders. The aim of this research was to better understand what employees want from their future workplace, and the key priorities employers must be aware of.

What did we find?

The results revealed that 40% of business leaders fear that the combination of the pandemic and Brexit will see their best talent disappear abroad, making hiring more challenging just as the country begins to return to the ‘new normal’. In addition, 29% of respondents at mid- and junior-level felt pessimistic about the UK’s chances to compete for the best talent and attract global businesses post Brexit.

Our study also uncovered the differing opinions of employees, leading businesses to make more complex decisions when planning for the future of the workforce. A proportion (34%) of employees said that during the pandemic, they had questioned their chosen career paths. At the same time, 45% regarded team, people and culture as a priority when choosing a role, over and above competitive salaries and benefits.

Another behavioural change identified in our study is attitudes towards flexible working. Prior to the pandemic, fully flexible working was a long-term goal for many employees, and a perceived logistical concern for employers. Yet the pandemic made it a reality overnight and 18 months later employees are wanting to continue.

39% of employees rated the opportunity to work flexibly as a priority when looking to change jobs. Additionally, two thirds of senior executives and employees said they would want a flexible working model in the future. Whereas just 3% reported they would return to the office full time. This radical shift in behaviour means businesses need to adapt to deliver an environment that speaks to the needs of their employees.

A new era

Our findings suggest we are entering a new era: one where workplaces must be collaborative, inclusive and productive. It must be fit for purpose; a place that grows, innovates and builds the best team environment. Indeed, a “one-size” workplace no longer fits all; businesses must create one that works for every business and everybody.

At MovePlan, we are here to support businesses at a time of change – and never have we been in a more changing cultural moment than now. As we navigate the new normal, MovePlan can help you master change and create your workplace of choice.

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